Decoding the Runway: Prada

devil wear prada

This is one collection you either love or hate. Who would ever think that fashion’s highest of high brands would start to breath life into fashion. Since the time I saw the video look book of Prada’s last spring/summer collection, I knew that this would be a turning point for the design house. In a day where the Lady Gagas and Niki Minajs of our time are storming the red carpet in outrageous fashion, it was but obvious that designers would allow themselves to be playful and creative. Which leaves me asking one question, is inspiration getting too literal?

tail lights

If you hadn’t already guessed from the shoes, the inspiration was all about cars from the 1950s. Gaudy as they may seem they will be great for editorial. Those that don’t shy away from the abnormal but rather embrace it like Daphne Guiness will be waiting for these to hit the stores. Bright contrasting colours with flames and even tail light details make these some awfully attention grabbing heels. Out of all the shoes seen I actually don’t mind the ones above, the heel and the tail lights, are acutally growing on me! The ones below though, I’m really not feeling. The flames and the giant bumper with the light is just a bit too tacky for my taste.

vroom vroom


One response to “Decoding the Runway: Prada

  1. I love the innovative nature of these heels but not my personal style Jen xoxo

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