Shoe Bites: Sorry Metallica Fans but Lady Gaga is still in town


The F1 bash was supposed to have Metallica play.. TODAY. Unfortunately, the organisers are saying that it’s being postponned for tomorrow. The reason, unsure (as usual) but according to my twitter wall,  there was either a technical snag or too much chaos at the venue. Wow, second time this year this has happened and both times in Delhi. First was with the Bryan Adams show that was cancelled due to security reasons. Please as a fan of MUSIC, get your act together. 


I understand that crowd control is highly important, but I’m sure many fans have travelled far to come to watch the show, only to be disappointed. On a lighter note, let’s not forget all those ladies and closet rockers, that snuck out of their house or got special permission from their folks to go see the show. Poor souls will have to go through all that again!

Fans going GAGA.. NO really.. It’s Lady GAGA


lady gaga

picture curtsey

Since we’re on Twitter news, Lady Gaga is also in Delhi and from the few pictures I’ve seen, she wore a Naeem Khan dress to her press conference in New Delhi. Love the tri-colour hair with high bun which I am calling vandemate-bun, get it? (I didn’t say I was a comedian) She is said to be playing on the 3rd day of F1, but she has been quoted saying (india today) “My concert here is going to be a surprise. It will be real fun for one and all. I have worked for over a month to make it beautiful. In the show, I will be incorporating music that I have just invented.”

OH MY GOSH.. what is with all this Concert madness, maybe next time… HAVE IT IN BOMBAY!!


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