Decoding the Runway: Bottega Veneta

ugly pretty heels

Bottega Veneta had some unusual shoes this time, alright so they aren’t known for shoes, but still I was intrigued by what they put out. The unsual placement of the platform makes these heels stand out, kind of like those dogs that are so ugly they look cute, you know the type I’m talking about right? Available in jewel tones like emerald green and violet, these might make a good pair to have, yet I’m not convinced by the denim option. Denim in my opinion should only be used for jeans, I’m not falling for the denim heel. 

clear crystals

Definitely on trend with the clear panelling are these options with a hint of sparkle. These are great day to night shoe, that will really add a bit of excitement to an outfit. I prefer the orange ones, they remind me of traffic cones, who wouldn’t want to stop traffic in heels huh?

something for everyone

Of all these heels on their runway, these two are going to sell. The strappy purple and black are great for the workplace as they can be taken from the office to the much needed after work drinks. The futuristic looking wedge heels are a refreshing change to other wedges out there which have that crafts feel to them. Sadly, the cut on the model’s toes makes the shoes a little unappealing.


One response to “Decoding the Runway: Bottega Veneta

  1. chameleonic

    love the ugly/pretty heels!

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