20. Keri (something smells like…FISH)


This is Keri, she’s so totally hott. I found myself unable to stop staring, don’t you hate girls like that?! I saw her as I was shopping for my first ever winner. Sorry Amrita, these are not it, but you’re high heels coming soon. Today, was a day to give my poor feet some pampering but before I could kick back and relax, I had a few things to take care of. 

Entertainment for everyone

mall beer

Can you imagine if we had beer available at our malls? For one, the moms would be a lot happier and probably have bigger bellies than they do now! I don’t think I could ever drink in a mall, it’s a bit too tacky for me. Maybe if it was a luxury mall and they were handing out champagne, I would think about it.

giddy up

While you’re off shopping (or drinking your beer), your kids can ride on these mobile horses. They get really cute cowboy hats, while they ride, perfect for those candid picture moments. My only issue is that they could have given them a bigger place to ride because the mall we were in is humongous.

The Face Shop

candy cosmectics

How cute are these cosmetics? This shop is actually pretty serious, they have pearl collagen face packs, anti wrinkle creams even neck gels (yikes). Yet, to embrace their younger clientele they have fun fruit hand creams packaged in the fruit they are made of. Plus the popsicle body soaps are a perfect gift for your baby sister, after all Christmas is coming. I picked up the most amazing lip and eye make up remover, I normally use Lancome, but since I left my bottle back in India, I needed a cheaper (I’m still on a budget) substitute. This one works like a charm, might make me want to stop using Lancome altogether.

take all off

5 for 995, say what!?

love me lingerie

I adore Victoria’s Secret, but since there aren’t any VS stores here, my second love is La Senza. Everybody I know says that I spend too much on lingerie, but think about it. It’s the most intimate of clothing, that has to last and make you feel good, therefore investing in good underwear is key. Ill fitted lingerie like tight panties worn over time can actually change the shape of you body. Bet you didn’t know that huh? So Please ladies, have yourself fitted for a good bra and underwear.

What’s that Smell.. oh.. It’s Fish

colourful fish

From Lingerie to fish, yeah I know what a day right. It was super smelly, but I couldn’t help but admire it in a sadistic way. The colours look so gorgeous, maybe even inspiration for a collection. I heard somewhere that fish loose their colour above water, that it is the reflected light underwater that makes them look stunning. I have to agree, remember how beautiful they looked at that underwater world in Thailand? Being a sailor’s daughter I didn’t eat fish for the longest time, now though, I love shell fish – crab, prawn, lobster.. YUMM.

Finally Toe Time

pedi time

Still not a patch on b:blunt (juhu) but this nail salon called nail-a-holics looked like a beach resort, so I had to try. They had cozy sofa cabanas and nautical interiors to really put you at ease. I wish I could have taken more pictures but the clients wouldn’t have liked being photographed with their legs wrapped in algae!


2 responses to “20. Keri (something smells like…FISH)

  1. Amrita

    Keri is HOT! I almost thought those were the ones you chose in excitement, then read the disclaimer! Anyway I trust your choice and can’t wait to see what’s in the mail :))

  2. Just thought i’d comment and say neat theme, did you code it yourself? Lookswonderful.

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