Toe Tappers: Britney Spears Vs Afrojack by DJ Ryson ‘Till the World Ends’

I love Britney Spears (Oh Oh did I just loose all my readers?) and this song is THE pre clubbing song ever. You know the one you listen to while getting ready. It is a remix by a youtubian (those that need to be big but have made it to the youtube stage) called DJ Ryson and he mashed up the song with an Afrojack track; the result makes you want to go to a club and literally dance till the world ends or rather till the  bouncer kicks you out.

Britney Spears

Every girl needs a pair of Booties, whether peep toe or not it doens’t matter. It’s a closet staple, especially if you live in warm weather countires and love boots, these are a suitable feet freindly option. I have many booties in different colours, my favourite being a black lace up brogue-esque lace up pair. My mom calls them naughty boy booties, I dunno why. Makes me wonder, which naughty boy has she seen in high heel booties?


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