Toe Tappers: Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris ‘We found Love’

I love my music and wanted to share with you my favourites and the ‘stuck in my head’ songs. These posts are going to be called Toe Tappers, decided to start with Rihanna, she’s currently my go to girl for all moods.

Rihanna does it again and this time with a little help from Calvin Harris. This song, we found love, I’m sure is going to be stuck in my head for the remainder of the month. Now many of you have been dissing the content of the video, but lets think about this. Haven’t you guys had relationships that are destructive or know of couples like this? So moral, don’t be so quick to judge the situation… judge the fashion instead.


I am all for a chunky boot but I haven’t been able to find that perfect pair. When I saw Rihanna’s in the tub scene, my eyes were glued for a brand name or some hint. I like that they are completely flat, it’s often hard to find a pair like that, I’ve seen a lot of the boots this season with at least a one inch heel. Also, I’m in warm countries (India and Philippines) that don’t have a wide selection of boots, so my search for the perfect flat boot is nowhere near a close.


I love the Jeremy Scott (Spring Summer 2012) fresh off the catwalk outfit for rihanna, but then I look knee down and it’s a bit of a question mark. I understand the choice of shoes for the video, it’s got that whole broken down vibe that she’s trying to emote but would you wear a pair like these in real life? I’m not so sure I would.


One response to “Toe Tappers: Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris ‘We found Love’

  1. yudum

    i want that boot

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