19. Lexie (discuses the damages of partying)

19 lexie

I thought it’d be fun to have a little chat with Lexie about our night a week ago. After all, it was eventful, what with all the bruises and the bills! We all like to party but honestly, hands up if you pre game before you go out because the clubs (and even local bars) charge you too much for just a small rum and coke!  That’s why I compared 2 bills, one from a night out in Pune and one from the Paul Van Dyk night. Don’t worry this isn’t all about numbers, I also have an embarrassing picture of my poor knee! 



Alright ladies, my first fall of shame! I’ve been known to say “give me any shoe I can walk in it”. Here is proof that maybe I can’t, to my defence I got this bruise on my way to the car walking on a slope, on gravel and cobble stones. Plus the weng wengs and benenge didn’t help. Alright enough embarrassment, lets move on to some numbers shall we!

Gotta pay the bill


Bill on the left:
Location: Thousand Oaks, Pune
Pitchers price: 500rs x 2 = 1000
Shot price: 300 x 2 = 600
Avg Cocktail price: 350rs x 2 = 700
Beer price: 250 x 2 = 500
Total: 2800

Bill on the Right:
Location: Pier 9, Fort, Philippines
Pitchers price: 300 x 2 = 600
Avg Shot price: 150 x 2 = 300
Cocktails price: 180 x 2 = 360
Avg Beer Price: 120 x 2 = 240
Total: 1500
(the piso and rupee is about the same in value )

Alright, I agree, it isn’t a fair assessment, as we were more people at Thousand oaks, but if we look at the numbers it’s still a lot cheaper at Pier 9, the price is almost half in some cases. I’m not a finance girl, I know how to spend it more than save it, but the idea of this whole excersize is bascially to say that partying needn’t be expensive. I think our biggest problem (in India) is the tax on alcohol, I can’t imagine why people would pay 250 for a pint of beer! That has to be a crime. BTW, props to Simon Jarosch for taking a picture of the bill from T-Oaks, he was super shocked when he got this bill, it’s Pune after all!


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