18. Debra (wants to meet wonder woman)


I know right, she’s gorgeous, sorry about the over exposed flash, makes even the best of us look iffy. Debra loves her bling as you can tell. She’s a bit difficult to take anywhere, she’s posh like that. That’s why I haven’t had the chance to take her out to any place real fancy. I did however want to introduce you to her because as soon as I go some place fancy or (5 star even), like the equivalent to AER in the Philippines (I’m sure they have something) that’s when I’ll take Deb out. She was not amused when I told her that I met Wonder Woman at a cheap little store, saying I shouldn’t be hanging around discount stores… pffft socialites I tell you! 
wonderwoman chappals

If your boy friend is anything like the guys on the big bang theory, they’ll flip when they see you buy these. Wonder Woman chappals and for 180p! That’s a steal and a half, I’m not a big comics fan, but even I wanted a pair. Sadly though, I’m on a major budget having spent a truck load on some closet staples I decided against it. Which is a shame because the pair below are amaze-balls and would actually have been good company for Debra, considering they both like bling! I’m trying to spend wisely, and since I already picked up some sturdy yet trendy flats decided against dipping my hand in my pockets. And so, the Chance list grows longer.
want need


One response to “18. Debra (wants to meet wonder woman)

  1. Fun storie… I like the heels for sure… 😉

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