15. Sara and Lara (have entourages)

sara and lara

I felt that I needed to go back in time and pay homage to these two ladies who I’ve taken everywhere with me. Sara and Lara. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring them to the Philippines and couldn’t get great high res pics of them, so bare with me! If you’ve met me during fashion week, you’ve probably seen me wearing or with Shivan & Narresh and their former bite size power house of a brand manager Manisha Prakash. This is a post to say thanks guys for the most awesome Lakmé Fashion Week memories!

The Entourage

the entourage

What I absolutely love about these designers are that they are loyal to the people who have taken their big steps with them. They are always hanging out with their friends and collegues and it seems like the entourage grows bigger every time fashion week rolls by. It started with 6 of us (the first picture, Samriddhi was also there but didn’t come for the picture), and then grew to 7 visible people (the second picture) but there are so many more. You’ll know what I mean when you see us at fashion week, it’s literally like we travel in packs! BTW how hot does Masaba Gupta look, she’s a total hottie, and super real too not like some of the others.

Mod Squad

the mod squad
Alright I have a serious bone to pick with these Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja, they always look so dapper! A little birdy told me that they’ve even tried changing a tire in the delhi heat, dressed in a full 3 piece suit! Only guys can pull off these sort of shenanigans and still look super hott! Last I’ve heard these boys are still single ladies, so don’t be shy to say hi to them next time you see them!

Stall talk

where the fun happens

By the end of each fashion week, the crew has had some crazy moments and it usually happens at the stall. There is ony so much fashion jargon you can spew, after a while words get jumbles up and statements like ‘OKay challo enough fashion, lets get some biryani’ or  ‘he’s cute, cute cute cute’ (whenever someone passes by) is all part of the fashion week fun. I would love to drop some of the nasty comments, but I don’t gossip!

Designer duds

shivan and narresh

Having worked with with and become friends with them, I get the absolute privilege to wear their fabulous designs. This also means I can’t eat for about a month before fashion week, as they have super body con dresses and.. BIKINIS! I love their stuff, and am hoping to get some clothes to wear to Malini Agarwal (MissMalini) and Nowshad Rizwanullah wedding. SO, more dieting and exercise! YIKES!


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