14. Lexie (didn’t get to see Paul Van Dyk)


Lexie, joined me and my new Fillipino friends to go see the DJ Paul Van Dyk. Unfortunately, we were unaware of just how strong our weng weng and Benegenge (read on to know what these are) would be. Safe to say, we were all very tipsy when we eventually reached the concert area. I even tripped, first time ever to fall down in a pair of heels, well there is always a first time for everything huh?

Weng Weng and Benegenge

weng Weng and Benegenge

These are 2 of the nastiest drinks ever, nasty because they are potent little guys that taste good, so you drink like a fish and don’t realise when it hits you. I’m still unsure of what they contain, but from what I understood the waitress saying it had everything but Vodka (she didn’t add that because I am allergic to it) . Deffinately not drinking these instruments of torture ever again! BTW, Benegenge means Loosing your mind, what an apt name for the drink!

Meet the Girls

girls night out

This is a before the night took off picture, lets just say it got very interesting after this point! Lots of gossiping, bitching about boys and really crowded bathrooms! Isn’t that what all girls night outs are like? My favourite picture from the night though was the one below, this was right before we went home!

fav pic of the night

Sorry we missed you Paul

view from the vip

I’m sure he was very good, but it was about 2 o’clock and he still wasn’t anywhere near the console! So, some of us decided to leave and go home considering it was a week night. I’m sure he was brilliant, but my 24 year old soul couldn’t take much of the bright lights and the lingering effect of the weng wengs.


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