13. Rita (likes to play with fire)

What do you think of my photography folks? Been testing out my skills for the last year now.

Rita is the typical good Indian girl who sneaks out of her house to go do adventurous things that her parents don’t allow her to do. That’s why I call on her whenever I have some exploring to do. On hindsight she was the perfect person to take to the fire night and to the underwater world (in Thailand). She perceives things in a different way, which is refreshing especially to us folks who take our freedom for granted. 

We didn’t Start the Fire

fire frenzy

I have to say, this was an extraordinary night, one, which brought with it the hypnotic lull that only playing with fire, can bring. These fire nights are held on the terrace of a building (can’t remember the name now) opposite National College. I believe, you have to know someone in the fire circle to come and experience this sight. Its an intimate gathering of like minded people who love to philosophize while sharing a beer and doing some dangerous stuff with fire. If you have the chance to go, I suggest you do, it’s a great little adventure. Plus if you really wanted, you could ask the folks to teach you their skills with fire.

Fire starter

I don’t think I could ever fire breath, I’d be scared to death of being burnt, I like my lips the way they are. It was quite impressive to see this guy do it but swallowing that type of fuel (I believe it is) must be terrible for the throat and mouth.

playing with fire

The guy above is actually a computer engineer, but been practicing fire for the last 13 years I believe, sorry this was a long time ago and my memory is horrendous! Moral of the story though, don’t judge a book by its cover; computer engineers can be interesting people.

Submerge yourself

Underwater dream

I managed to convince Rita’s folks to send her to Thailand with me, I’m glad they did, because this underwater world was incredible. I’ve always loved all things to do with the ocean, since my dad’s a sailor and having been sailing for 11 years myself I have a soft corner for water. That being said, I hate to be in water, I’m strange yes, I know. That’s why when I got to be view the life from the deep with the added comfort of being bone dry, I couldn’t say no!

Abnormal beauty

I’m a sucker for abnormal beauty and all these creatures were stunningly beautiful. Monsters from the water I like to call them, have a strange way of making you accept their oddities, wish we could do the same with our own race. Isn’t it sickening to think that we live in a society that believe fair is beautiful and that being slim makes you get a good husband. I’d rather be amongst these underwater demons that face those on a regular basis.

seahorse love

My favourite sea creature! The seahorse, no only because of their S shape (S stands for Sue ←- me) but also because the male seahorses give birth to their children!

GIant Crab

This is a giant crab if you didn’t already guess, it scares the beJesus out of me! AHHH

Fish Tattoo

I guess fish get tattoos too!, doesn’t it look like the number 96000 on the fish? Fascinating huh?


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