12. Becca (eats her heart out)


It feels like the move into the yellow house is never ending, I still needed to get some things but as mentioned before, Lucy was really very worn out from so I decided to let Becca accompany me. She’s a new friend, very shy and like me has been known to be heartless (even though we wear it on our sleeves). So when we saw one being sold, we just had to get it.


eat your heart out

You didn’t really think I went and got a REAL heart did you? Don’t you wish ours actual body’s pump looked as cute as these portable speakers. They aren’t the loudest and don’t really fit onto my MacBook Air (unless with an extension, totally mac’s fault), But, how adorable! Besides I’ve never really bought electronics for their actual use, but rather for how they look, told you I was fashion obsessed. Turns out though, (as fate would have it) they are a perfect fit for my Blackberry! Doesn’t it look like a modern day cupid’s arrow? I’m sure I’m not the only one whose fallen in love over BBM conversations, haven’t you?

bb cupid app

Elf’s day out

pointed toe

Aren’t these just the coolest pair of pointy elf shoes you’ve seen? I have to get a pair, sadly, the girl wearing them look a little mean and I was a little nervous to ask her about them. Plus you know, the whole language barrier! Becca wasn’t impressed, she thought she was cuter, I have to agree, but cool trumps cute, always!

Just a Cuppa Jo Please!

but its free

The day was super long, buying things for the house, plus groceries and lugging it to the car is tiring. My body desperately needed some unhealthy caffeine,. The only place close by was Krispy Kremes, and they were giving out free originals (baking time means free doughnut time). Most people love this time of the day when they back, but I was about to kick my heels and make a run for it. See, I’ve started the Atkins diet, I want to see if I’ll feel healthier, hence my reaction. This is how my conversation went with the lady at the counter.

Me: “One large Kaffe Kreme please”
Lady: “Only Coffee mam?”
Me “Yes”
Lady: “Mam here is a free Original. Will that be all?”
Me: “Don’t want the Doughnut, just the coffee please”
Lady: “Mam it’s a krispy kreme”
Me: “Just coffee please.”
Lady: “Mam but, it’s free”
Me: “just coffee”
Lady: “Okay mam, I’ll put the doughnut in your take away bag, Have a good day”
Me: *whispering to myself* “resist”
Dad: “Oh free doughnut” *Smiles, inhaled in 3 seconds.*


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