11. Lucy (the end of lucy, for now)


Lucy is really looking tired now, just like my poor toes! We had one stressful weekend end, filled with packing, unpacking, running to the stores, signing papers and trying to get everything organized, you know how moving days are! Finally though, we’re completely moved in. I’m now officially the fashionista that lives in a yellow house.

Yellow House

It took us forever to find the house we wanted to rent, there is always so much involved when choosing a house. ‘How many bedrooms mam’, ‘this one too big for family of 3 mam’ and my dad’s most dreaded ‘maybe you increase the budget little bit captain?’ Yet, we managed to find one that suited our needs, in the ultra posh area called Ayala Alabang Village.

BBQ area

When I say posh I don’t mean the spice girl, people here roam around in golf carts but that’s only when they aren’t driving their Mercedes and Audis and BMWs! There is also the clubhouse and golf course only for the residents of the village and unless you have a sticker on your car, you just won’t be allowed in.  Safe to say, we’re total misfits, but hey, class isn’t about money it’s about character I always say.  I’m most happy because I have 4 and a half closets (special blog on that soon)! Plus, I have a garden, which means I can now throw BBQ parties!

Oh BTW! That’s my mom taking it all in, namely the size of the house and my dad trying to figure out what that plug outside does.

The Japan Store

Like the Chinese 99rs store in India and the 1 dollar store in the US, but only with better quality and awesome Japanese design. 

japan store chaos

Although Lucy and I were tired from the moving, we still had tons of things to buy for the house, like sheets, towels, plates etc, basically all the things you need to live and take for granted. Now, the back breaking part, here in Alabang they have a strict no plastic bag rule, and therefore they pack everything into boxes.  Having bought so many items, we had a million HEAVY boxes to cart home! Which meant, more UNPACKING! Boy am I glad that that’s over, my dad looked a little slimmer every time he saw his credit card being used (poor guy), but hey we needed sheets to sleep on! I’m just thankful the house came furnished, or I’d be sleeping on parquet floors till the beds arrived!


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