10. Bea (goes to the village)


As I mentioned in my last post with Lucy, today I’ll be moving to my new residence here in the Philippines. My new house, yes an actual house, I’m used to apartments you see being city girl and all. That’s why it s exciting to think I’ll be in a house with … a GARDEN! More on the house soon, especially since the neighbours have a pool, hoping they have some cute 27/28 year olds cute muscular boys! Just before leaving I thought I’d do a quick,’I”ll be back when I get internet post’. I must say though, I kind of want to take Bea with me, she’s been such a comfort for the last 3 weeks living in this hotel pent house.

Whole Lotta Bags

bags are packed

It’s surprising but as a family of 3 we pack like we’re the the Von Trapp family (sound of music remember, so many of them!). Alright, one whole suitcase is mine, plus a small one for the 4 pairs of shoes I picked up. I couldn’t help it, I’ve been home sick, love stone, heart bruised and SOBER, I needed some shoe therapy.  Besides, I’m moving to a new country, I think I packed quite light considering the 23kgs restriction that Singapore airlines put on me!

How to prepare for Moving day

pina mango swirl

I always allow myself one calming drink the night before any moving day. It gives you that restful sleep with just the right amount of alertness (oh that’s a word) for the next day. My drink of choice this time was the Pina Mango Swirl at Tony Roma’s I figured it’d be a nice small drink in a martini glass. Yet this monstrous looking drink came to our table, I wasn’t complaining, it’s just a lot of drink for one person without drinking company to finish! Alright folks, I’m heading out now, time to check out of the B Hotel, you must stay here if you come to Alabang, the staff are the nicest, coolest and fun bunch of people.

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