Decoding the Runway: Burberry Prorsum

I find that a lot of fashion blogs focus on the clothes in collections for the next season but not really the shoes, or other details (accessories, bags etc). So I thought I’d start doing posts about the hottest trends in shoes that are being seen on the runways. Just so you know when to bring out those sky high platform shoes from your spice girl days! 

Burberry Prorsum

I’ve been really impressed with Burberry Prorsum over the last few seasons, especially with their bold use of tribal and artisanal elements. There was a real craftsmanship feel throughout the collection from the clothes to the accessories; particularly the shoes. Christopher Bailey spun a story of an army wife who, stationed in the far east would mix her clothes with local arts and crafts, sound like a mis-matched mess.Yet, he does it with a harmony that only Bailey and maybe a few other designers can pull off.

owl eye

Focusing on the shoes, spring is always a time for the espadrille and the wedge, this time they go high, we’re talking about adding at least 4 inches to your actual height (I’m not complaining). Whether you’re planning on an open toed pair or one with a bit more coverage, it’s all about  a bold choice of colour or texture. Chunky beads, woven belts and owl eye prints on the heels made an impact on the runway for Burberry and will do the same on the streets next spring summer.

comfortable cork

At first glance, there is a heavy handed African punch, however subtle native American nuances make their appearance. This can be seen with their menwear options that showed on the runway. From experience I knw that men don’t usualy like the look of cork (although very comfortable to wear), unless it’s on a wine bottle and these cork sole shoes will not go down as well as a good cabernet sauvignon.

From this collection, one thing is certain, that for next spring summer going ethnic and having global pieces to make up your wardrobe is essential. So, why not start by buying a pair of traditional/local footwear on your next vacation?


One response to “Decoding the Runway: Burberry Prorsum

  1. None of these styles are a preference for me, but I do find them interesting.

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