9. Lucy (Goes to The Grocery Store but Finds Alcohol)


Lucy and I like a good glass of wine any day, especially like today, after 3 weeks in a new country with no friends and a guy you’ve been missing (who doesn’t acknowledge you exist). Yes, it’s days like these that Lucy and I notice odd things that grab our attention. Such as amazingly decent alcohol at affordable prices in… a grocery store! See I’m from India, and if we go to the banya, you won’t find a good pinot grigio or even a good Sula. So bare with me when I take you through the aisles of Molito (the supermarket near my hotel).

Love my citrus


Let’s start off with the food shall we (before we get to the alcohol), isn’t it better to always get a lining in your tummy before you drink? I love sour flavours, I mean Nimbu pani goes with everything right? That’s why I love these tiny little limes, but unlike limes, they have a really nice flavour. I’ve been using it with my food, my drink and even my chilli soya sauce! A little obsessed… maybe!

Something Smells fishy!

rabit fish cakes

Lucy and I are not the biggest fish eaters and after seeing these fish cakes in the shape of rabit heads, we were further put off! Who wants to eat a cute little rabbit head that’s made out of … FISH! Maybe it’s good though, I might try it, but only if I was dared. They had Hello Kitty fish cakes too, but I’m way too in love with her to ever, EVER eat her!

No More Rice!


I’ve been seriously putting on the pounds, every meal here has rice as the main component, even breakfast! I’m a chapati or naan girl, but since there isn’t any here, I have to make do with rice for every meal. I had had it up to here with rice so when I saw this in the grocery store I had to take a picture! I might even put this on my kitchen door!

You wouldn’t want to Shoot this


This is definitely on my ‘to drink’ list. It sounds divine, strawberry flavoured tequila with a cream base. I’m sure all my girls back home, namely the Alevoor sisters, the Challa sisters (wow you guys should form a band and perform on X factor), Natalie Grant, Smita Jain, Raashi Malhotra, Tina Palesha and Natasha Kapoor would love this! Oh on a side note, readers please give a big shout out to these girls, they need encouragement to come to the philippines. If they were here, the high heel adventures would be.. EPIC.

The perfect Wednesday Drink

fruity wine

I love fruity drinks especially mid week when you’re completely stressed with work, love, traffic, life, parents or all of the above times a 1000. These fruity wines, I think will be the answer to those woes. Again, I haven’t tasted them, they might be rank, but I’m not opposed to trying things out once, and if I like it, then over and over again till you get a nice high (just enough to stop missing that banker boy)!  Plus they are 200 pisos, or 200 ruppees, so cheap can you imagine how much of this we’d be drinking back home?


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