8. Lucy (goes to NY to get a manicure)

A walk in the past, July 2011, New york. I know I’m wearing the same dress as the previous post, Sorry! 


I love Lucy  (the show too), I take her whenever I go out, she’s non fuss and doesn’t mind a little elbow grease. So to reward her I decided to take her to New York, where we met up with old college mates, a friend from London (not the same one I’m super crushing on) and we went to a bar where you could get a mani and a martini (no really!).

BTW! Just a heads up, but the next few days Lucy will be helping me shift into my new home here in the Philippines, so that means no time to blog, well actually no internet!

Bar or Beauty? It’s the Beauty Bar

drink it up

Tucked away near Union Park, is the coolest bar ever, Lucy and I were super thrilled when we found out that it was a salon during the day and a bar with a dance floor at night! How awesome right? Its not a gay bar or anything like that, because I saw some suits there too, (not cute ones though). Next time you’re in NY with your girls, why not go here and have a fun fun fun night with beauty and alcohol, how could we go wrong. Just a warning though, the bar does smell a lot like acetone!

mani and martini

Another picture please?

tipsy cameraman

Not just nails but hair too, I told you it was a beauty bar, the lounge chairs are actually retro style hair steamers! I’m digging the whole disco gold rexine their made of, aren’t you? I know what you’re going to say, “she wore this same dress with Laura“, but hey I think I look cute in the dress! No reason why a dress can’t be worn more than once, especially if styled differently! Besides Lucy liked the whole look. Below are my friends Haydee Lindo (my Jamaican roomie from MUWCI) and Ernest Condillac (the last gentleman on earth, with a humour and he’s single ladies!). They are probably going to kill Lucy and I for uploading these. Sorry Haydee, Earnest out next Kareoke night on me!

picture time


3 responses to “8. Lucy (goes to NY to get a manicure)

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  2. Srishti

    hey sue, I love your posts over at missmalini and just stumbled across your blog.. so happy to hear that you’re a fellow uwc-er! I went to the one in singapore, rarely ever hear of people from mahindra, so this makes me happy 🙂 i’d love to talk fashion + uwc with you if we’re ever in new york/bombay at the same time!

    • Sue

      Hey! Yes so rare to find anyone who comes out from a uwc and does fashion now isn’t it!?
      Hope you like the posts, I tend to go on a bit!

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