6. Laura (is a lucky charm)

A walk in the past, Aug 2011 Lakmé Fashion Week

Meet Laura, she’s the dependable girl you need to have around when you’re going nuts. She’s a rock and loves to get the work done. That’s why I brought her along on the 4th day of Lakmé Fashion Week. She’s also probably my lucky charm because that day I got a package from Neeta Lulla (YEY), got interviewed by none other than Bandana Tewari (say WHAT!) and got to see Prateik Babbar! Plus a few sundowners with the crew. Fun day!

Started the day with a Neeta Package

Laura and I were super excited to get a package from Neeta Lulla, especially because she wrote on the bag ‘Sue’ with a smiley face, how adorable! Unfortunately, I really needed to hit the gym, because I couldn’t breathe in it! It was a halter kurta dress with sequinned work on the neckline. Don’t worry Neeta I’ve been hitting the gym now! So touched though, big THANK YOU again.

Meeting @behavebandana

Picture courtesy @LakmeFashionWk

If you’re in the Indian fashion industry, then you’ve heard of Bandana Tiwari. Period. She has an insatiable enthusiasm for fashion and insights on all things from philosophy to brown skin to her love for east India. She’s one of fashion’s favourite people. That’s why I’m always so thrilled when she acknowledges and appreciates my work. She was very excited about the young blood of fashion namely us frantic busy bees from online publications and decided to have a quick video byte for LFWTV. Unfortunately, I haven’t actually seen it on their TV, but not complaining, I got to be interviewed by Bandana, which is so much better!

We don’t wait for till the Sun goes down

Picture courtesy MissMalini.com

Every fashion week, no matter the chaos, and trust me we’re always on our feet, when we need a rest I call these 3 journalist/bloggers to meet me at the lounge. Shruti Thacker (Vogue.in), Santu Misra (The Devil Wore) and Jahnabee Borah (Jack in the box) are the 3 coolest people online and you’ve probably already read their work. As you can see the lounges are where all the fun happens, Laura and I kicked back for a while, on the one (out of two) lounge chairs. I wonder why there isn’t more seating available at LFW?

Babbar who?

Prateik Babbar

Look who Laura and I spotted on front row!! Hottie Prateik Babbar, (although he wasn’t bringing the heat that night). Still, we have that image of his abs underneath that train wreck t-shirt. Some people just need to walk around without their shirts on (I can see all the men agreeing, naughty naughty!).

Amazing Jewellery

at mahim

I love big bold jewellery, that’s why when jewellery designer (and Adele look-alike) Srishti Kumar showed me her creations, I flipped. I just had to wear one, and chose to wear this gorgeous gold and back floral neck piece she gave me. Stunning is not the word, thanks so much Shristi, now when am I getting a custom piece called ‘the Sue’? Check out their fab pieces HERE.

i met adele


2 responses to “6. Laura (is a lucky charm)

  1. Aww! Sue! Your piece is on it’s way! LOVE the post! xoxo

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