4. Annie (she likes champagne)

Walk from the past. You’ll probably hear a lot of stories with Annie, they are my go to pair for any casual day event. This one is from May 2011, a farewell brunch that I was privileged to be part of. On a side note, HI JOY! I know you are reading this! 


This year I went to the U.S to visit my Aunty Tina and her two kids, Joy and Solomon (my adorable and naughty cousins). On my first day there, Aunty Tina introduced me to Annie, she met her at JC Penny and thought we could hang out through out the summer (since I was visiting for 3 months). Annie was such a great companion she even came with me to Baltimore, where we hung out with some of the craziest and warm-hearted doctors and nurses. We may have also dunk a lot of Champagne.

Baltimore’s Charm

Th reason I went to Baltimore, was to meet my friend Krishna Kothary (plus made a few friends there too). I recommend taking  week off and going to meet a close friend where ever in the world they may be, it helps if they like you and know you! Annie and I are usually welcomed, unfortunately we had to cancel our London trip this year, but more on that later. Krishna goes to a Johns Hopkins and that week was graduation week. Basically the perfect week to see some of the finest minds and doctors get drunk and act silly, isn’t that want we want in our doctors, for them to be human! I do. One day in particular though, spoke volumes about the people they really are, Annie and I were so happy to be part of it. Plus, cute male doctors, Annie was thrilled.

Funkiest House Ever

The farewell brunch was held at the funkiest loft town house (yeah they exist in Baltimore). The lady who invited us was by far the best host (apart from my dear mum n dad). She was on the ball and had the perfect balance of mingling, eating, drinking, feeding etc etc etc. I was a wall flower that day just absorbing all the energy and atmosphere of the party. Also, her house is WOW. I loved that her personality was weaved into the entire space in a harmony that not many can pull off. I didn’t take many pictures, but this one shelf filled with her life story and charisma caught my eye. Also, don’t you adore the railing(pic below)? It’s an old window frame that’s made into a stairway railing, interesting ideas make a house memorable. These stairs didn’t lead to the terrace, but I did manage to find ones that did. The view was breathtaking. I’m a city girl therefore cityscapes speak to my soul.

A Toast to Memories

new bottle toast

It’s no surprise to anyone that when you have a bunch of 23 (me)- 40 year olds, (oh plus some parents) bottles of alcohol get over quickly. The party game (try it out) was that every time someone popped a new bottle of champagne you had to make a toast. Being a farewell it was a toast with a memory from the last few years as a med student. Annie and I must confess, we drank a fair bit of bubbly, just because we wanted to hear all the emotional toasts. Sorry guys! Since this was a brunch, everyone brought something whether food or alcohol for the party. Check out the spread below, fresh waffles were being made by the host, but the toppings were all up to us to supply. YUMMY

perfect brunch food

Did someone say Cheesecake?


Honestly,I can’t remember if we went after the brunch or the day before, it was one hectic week! I had to share this though, If you like cheesecake you’ll find the perfect one here, my favourite was the white chocolate caramel macadamia nut cheesecake, just smelling it makes you pack on the pounds!  Krishna and the gang have a tradition whenever one of their friends visits, to take them to the CF. Thank God they took me, I love cheesecake, and since I was going to the gym I didn’t really feel guilty! Plus High Heels fit no matter how much weight you’ve gained.


4 responses to “4. Annie (she likes champagne)

  1. Absolutely love the blog. It’s like fashion, gossip and life all rolled into one. Well done.

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  3. This actually answered my downside, thanks!

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