3. Joey (not a tomboy)

This is a walk from the past. One of the many amazing journey’s I’ve had living in the world’s best city Mumbai. Big shout out to Malini Agarwal, who introduced me not only to blogging but also to the b:blunt pedicure. Much Love M

This is Joey, she’s different from other Kolapuri’s, it’s not her colour, but her height, see she’s got about a two inch heel. That’s what makes her the perfect companion for those lazy days. This day was all about being pampered, eating comfort food and napping near a temple.

Mani-Pedi Gods

damn thats a good pedicure

Maybe you didn’t notice, but Joey certainly did, my toes looked horrible. Kind of what they look like now, it’s been about 8 months since my last b:blunt pedicure (none I’ve gone to after have been good) and my toes are crying out for some love. Back to the story, Since Joey loves to show some toe, and it was a day of RnR, I had to get a pedicure. So the first thing on my list was to make it to b:blunt (Juhu) to get them done. Trust me those chairs, are brilliant, they are massage chairs with an attached foot jacuzzi… heaven. Plus, the ladies who do the whole treatment are gentle but thorough, they even manage to get holi colour out your nails and skin! After being scrubbed and massaged, next on our agenda, some carbs.

Yum Yum in my Tum Tum

american bakery

If you’ve lived in bombay, especially in the Bandra area you must know and love American Bakery. It has a slight old Parisian bakery feel, with it’s all wood displays and charm. My favourite are the quiches and the meat pie, one of those and I’m good for the day. Unlike Joey who never gains weight, I have to watch what I eat. Having had my moment on the lips, life time on the hips, we decided to head home to Vakola. The Santacruz of the east, literally.

Can’t Fight the Zs

afternoon nap

I thought I was good and ready to take a nice snooze, but then I saw this from my rickshaw. Uncle sure was sleepy, because he seemed to be fast asleep on a ransom sofa near a temple on the main road. Joey and I had a quick laugh with the rickshaw walla and then proceeded home to get our own shut eye.


4 responses to “3. Joey (not a tomboy)

  1. MissMalini

    Aww you’re welcome doll, so glad to have you on my team! b:blunt Mani/Pedi on me when you’re back xoxo

  2. Ha ha ha! I love how that uncle is dozing off.

  3. Santacruz of the east. Haha! That should be Vakola’s official slogan.

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