2. Daisy (not as cute as she looks)

World, meet Daisy – she’s cute but hurtful, just like high school mean girls we’ve dealt with in the past, but, let’s not dwell on that. They aren’t High Heels, but they deserve their story too. I decided to explore the city of Alabang (in the Philippines) and take in all the new things about this city. Unfortunately, this little city hasn’t got much for Daisy and I to do, so we headed for the Festival mall. Daisy being cute as ever met some boys, I however didn’t.

Time for Socks

Sock it to them

I’m sure you’ve faced this problem too, in college everyone had Blackberrys and it was very hard to tell them apart. Some even took them home thinking it was theirs, only to realise that the hot chick (whose BB you had) now had your boy friend’s number! Solution: The phone sock, CUTE beyond words. There is a sock for every personality out there, naturally, I need the one that says, ‘born to shop.’

Roller Coaster Madness

Roller Coaster

Yes, this is in a mall and there is a lot of entertainment for young kids, unlike back home where teenagers decide to go to clubs (just saying, we could have more for the kids to do).  I really wanted to try out the coaster, but Daisy and I chickened out because we had no one to go with us. I know my guy friends back home namely, Sami Savanur (@SamiSavanur ), Jonathan Pillay (@Jonathan_Pillay ) and Srikant Sheshadri (@SrikantSeshadri ) would have jumped at the opportunity (maybe in december boys?). Speaking of boys…

Daisy spots some eye candy


Aren’t these great looking shoes boys? Daisy and I both agree that if we take the time to get dressed and look all pretty, then you, sure as hell can swap your flip flops for some decent looking Rodgers, loafers. Can I get an Amen ladies? Seriously though boys, these ones above only cost about 700 piso (700rs), so invest in a pair. Go to Bandra just off Linkin road, there are many stores that have affordable loafers, NO excuses!


Pencil Holder

By the end of the day, my toes were screaming, walking around with Daisy (too snug and not breaking in) had really started to make my feet ache. Guess it was time to head back to the hotel, isn’t it funny how you notice kiosks as you try to make your way to the exit? (marketing strategy?) Well I saw this little figurine/statute.. Pencil Holder. Suddenly my feet didn’t hurt so bad, although he seems to like it!


4 responses to “2. Daisy (not as cute as she looks)

  1. Sami

    Cant wait for the next article Sue!

  2. Jonathan Pillay

    Yea hell yeah! I’ve already taken up the loafers 😉 that’s done and dusted!

  3. Waylon

    ha- the ‘H’ on the black shoe- ha!

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