1. Leah (the beginning)

After many suggestions I finally decided to start a blog of my own. Focusing on something I can’t get enough of – Footwear. Specifically high heels, I have about 73 pairs now and counting. This blog will be a collection of adventurers in my high heels. I have names for each of them and stories for almost all of them. Each month I shall be giving a special reader a pair of high heels, so she (or he, I know you flamboyant boys like your heels too!) can write in their high heel story.

Like I said before, high heels talk, these are their stories.


I spotted Leah on my 3rd day of being in the Philippines, if you’re a shoe addict then you need to visit. They have some of the best shoes designs, locally made with the added perk of being kind to the wallet. But, Back to Leah, I saw her at the end of my shopping trip, by this time I’d maxed out my last piso and my Indian cards didn’t work internationally. So, I settled for a test drive instead. Found my size 38 and tried them on.
These are the type of heels that make you want to go brunch with the ladies at a bistro on Sunday. While, laughing about all the men that walked out on you and the men that are now knocking on your door. Yet, I couldn’t buy her this time, so Leah goes into my ‘Chance’ list.
I don’t have ‘To buy’ lists (they’d be too long) instead this list allows to me to pick them up the next time I should come across them again. I think buying high heels should be spontaneous and not planned, hence the chance list. It’s almost like making destiny work a little harder to get you the pair you want.


7 responses to “1. Leah (the beginning)

  1. love the heels. They are great. 😉

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  3. Adorable Idea for a Blog! Look forward to checking it out! Thanks for sharing!

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